Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design allows patients to test drive their smile before any actual changes are made. South Bay Dental Smiles lets you take a glimpse of how your new smile will make you look and feel before it is made a reality.

Test Drive Your Smile

South Bay Dental Smiles is now offering a way for patients to test drive their smile before they commit to any expensive procedures. This process allows you to get a glimpse of your new smile and how it will make you look and feel before agreeing to a treatment plan.

Digital smile design is considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available. The process is completed with three easy steps, read below to learn more about our process.

digital smile design of teeth
  • Step 1: Record-Taking

    The first step of our digital smile design process includes us taking photos, videos and scans of your teeth. We then use software to design your treatment plan and new smile depending on your smile goals. We take into account the unique ratios and proportions of your facial features.

  • Step 2: Designing

    This step is dedicated to seeing how your new smile would look on you. Using our software, we can show you a simulation of your new teeth in your own mouth. You will be the co-designer of your smile because we want it to be the perfect fit for you!

    You can change the color or shapes of your teeth until you are happy with the overall design.

  • Step 3: Testing

    Once you have chosen a smile design that you think would best suit you, we 3D print a physical mockup of your smile design so that it fits over your own teeth. You can now experience your new smile in real life without dedicating hours of time and money into it.

    With your mockup in place, we will take photos and videos of you wearing your new smile. This is a life-changing experience that will allow you to gain newfound confidence.

Ready to Digitally Design Your Smile?

If you are interested in digitally designing your smile, contact South Bay Dental Smiles to schedule a consultation or view other services we offer.